Al Safa Foods ONLY sells Halal products. Our meat products are made from Hand Slaughtered meat only. In order for the slaughtering process to be Halal, a Muslim blesser verbally recites Allah’s name and Tasmiah (Bismillah Allahu Akbar) prior to slaughtering the animal. The Tasmiyah is a blessing consisting of the words in English, “In the name of Allah; Allah is the greatest”.

Muslim Ownership

Al Safa Foods Is proudly owned and operated by a Muslim in Islamic faith. Abdul Munim Sheikh, our President & CEO has successfully driven Al Safa Foods and served the Muslim community for over 25 years.


Al Safa Foods is Certified Halal by IFANCC and IFANCA - the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of Canada/America.

✅ Globally Recognized as members of the World Halal Food Council

✅ Biggest and most renownded certifying body of Halal products

✅ Capability to provide for over 60+ Al Safa Foods products globally
       { Flatbreads | Samosas | Burgers | Kebabs | Hot Dogs }

For more information email IFANCC at

Certification listed on our Product Packaging. For your peace in mind, look for these two logos on all of our packaging to guarantee all Al Safa Products are Certified Halal